ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC

ePremium is an insurance agency that specializes in renters insurance for multifamily and single-family rental properties.

ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC arranges insurance solutions with integrated risk mitigation platforms for the multifamily and single-family rental housing industries. We procure insurance products and distribute programs to address risks faced by renters, property managers, landlords and owners.

To do this, we work with several top national insurance carriers to offer renters insurance policies that address frequently occurring damages often seen at rental properties, while also creating a process that is simple and quick for renters to enroll. As a result, we offer one of the most comprehensive renters insurance policies on the market today, and hundreds of thousands of renters have chosen to work with us.

We didn’t stop there. With feedback from many of our clients, we learned that security deposits can be a burden on renters, so we work with program providers to develop the eDeposit Security Deposit Alternative. eDeposit provides valuable protection while lowering move-in expenses, bringing peace of mind during the moving experience.

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