Why Renters Insurance?

Now that you've chosen your new rental location, protect yourself and your stuff with renters insurance.

Personal Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects you in the event of negligent damage that you may cause to the property of others, including negligent damage that you may cause to your rental location. It also protects in the event of bodily injury to others. Coverage includes legal defense, medical payments to others, claim expenses, first aid expenses, and damage to property of others due to: Fire, Water, Smoke, Explosion. See policy for details.

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Contents Coverage

When your personal belongings are damaged or stolen your policy contents coverage reimburses you up to your policy terms and limits. Coverage includes personal property coverage anywhere in the world, as well as loss due to: Fire, Lightning, Windstorm, Forced-Entry Theft, Explosion, Smoke, Vandalism, Hail, Artificial electrical current, Water, Weight of ice/snow/sleet, Falling objects. See policy for details.

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ePremium vs. Other Agencies

Not all insurance policies are the same. ePremium offers policies that provide coverage enhancements designed specifically for renters that many other third-party insurance agencies simply don’t provide.

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